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We have just wrapped one our favorite projects in the upcoming Mundwa area of Pune city. Designing interiors for a showcase apartment in the Florida River Bank apartment complex was an exercise in assembling design elements in harmony with the project’s natural surroundings.

On the banks of a river, surrounded by thriving cultivation, the site is a natural habitat to several birds and native flora. Nature therefore, played a vital role in the planning and conceptualization of the development. With passive design strategies employed to decrease the community’s ecological footprint, the apartments had been oriented in a way to optimise privacy, with floor to ceiling windows offering gorgeous views of the expansive surroundings while letting in the sun at dawn and dusk.

Florida Riverbank8 studioHAUS-1.jpg

Building on these concepts, we took care to ensure a fine balance between contemporary design aesthetics and ensuring harmony with the gorgeous external environment.
The living areas are provided with a neutral palette of materials in shades of concrete grey and birch, allowing a blank canvas for personalisation.

We incorporated pastel shades in the upholstery and styling combined with natural wood accents and foliage to provide a warm atmosphere.

For the master suite we invited the foliage from beyond the window into our space with gradient hues of green in the sheers. A warm palette of birch and walnut styled with foliage and subtle wall textures adds depth and austerity.

Oriented towards the east, we introduced hues of orange and red in the sheers to complement the colours of the rising sun. With a brick textured wallpaper adding warmth, customised puzzle rugs, neon signs and bursts of color add a healthy cheerfulness to the space conceptualised for a young habitant.