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Our approach to craftsmanship is rooted in a unique blend of traditional and contemporary aesthetics. Founded in 2012 by Kunaal Kyhaan Seolekar, whose multi-faceted design practice is informed by his training as an actor and an architect, our practice has grown into a state-of -the-art studio and workshop which brings together a global conversation on India’s rich artistic heritage. Ours is an eclectic melting pot, a passionate team of designers, architects and craftsmen who collaborate with award winning artists, experts and master-craftsmen from around the world to create meaningful spaces for our clients.

Design as a global language

We believe design tells a story. Our practice is driven by research and development, and we believe in investing in talent and taking the time required to bring great ideas to fruition. Our clients have a global perspective, and our team travels widely to source quality materials, cutting edge technology and innovative solutions to help them tell their story.

Beyond Luxury

From its inception, StudioHAUS has had a focus on luxury and our portfolio today includes some of the most exclusive resorts, private homes and boutique retail concepts in India. In recent years, we have extended the spectrum to a range of residential and commercial projects, and later in 2017, the launch of KOY, our  interior design concept store, will introduce the studio’s bold, eclectic take on luxury to a wider audience. Visit us at KOY.Store for details on the opening of our flagship KOY store, and upcoming design shows and pop-ups.

inhaus, the workshop

Established in 2014, inHAUS specialises in custom, unique and limited edition contemporary art and design.

The koy store

KOY is a brand, meant for all, addictive to the curious soul. Visit Koy.store for a retail experience of our visual palettes.


Design as art, the vision to evoke emotions through textures, materials and patterns.

kunaal kyhaan seolekar  | Founder


the inHAUS Workshop 

We are the ultimate resource for hand-crafted, extraordinary design. Our workshop specialises in intelligent, innovative and intriguing works across the spectrum of design - from furniture and lighting to decorative arts and crafts. 



the workshop



We offer a fresh insight through extensive research and prototyping by some of todays most forward-looking and influential young designers. Our team travels the globe to bring you a plethora of quality materials - ranging from woods, alloys and metals to resins and concrete. Our exploration and mastery matched with an insatiable curiosity and remarkable visual intelligence, sets us apart as creators and designers. 


exclusively designed products


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